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Jun 18

Death march project management

Don’t let your project management turn into a “death march” by settings unrealistic goals. Take for example projects such as WARSIM which is a U.S. Army simulation which started in the early 90’s, yet 10 years later was still unable to contribute to any Army exercises even though it was being funded throughout. See image below for more details.

Download PDF Here

Jun 06

New! hiTask now shows in-line previews for attached images.

Apr 08

New feature: Publish Project!

Now you can publish projects on a unique web page to allow others see the project without having to log in or create a hiTask account.

To publish project simply click on Publish menu under the project title.

The unique web page address will be created. Share this page with anyone you want to see the project’s progress.

The page address is unique and virtually impossible to guess. Nobody will see it except you and people you share it with. (And Google will not index it either).

You can un-publish the project at any time using the same menu located under the project title.

Mar 12

Infographic: 7 Day Plan to Stay Productive!

Infographic: 7 Day Plan to Stay Productive!

Mar 08

Android app update 3.11. New: Time Tracking

hiTask Android app update 3.11 released. New: Time Tracking! Log time spent on tasks from your mobile!

Jan 30

New: Links to your tasks!

You can now reference your tasks by their dedicated web links.

Click on an icon next to Modify button to open task in a new page:


Or Right-click on it and select “Copy link”, you can then send this link in a chat or email to your team mates.

Email notifications now include unique links to the tasks so when you click on a link it will show that exact task.

Dec 13

Introducing Google Calendar Sync!

hiTask is pleased to announce our latest update. This update includes several changes which will make organizing and managing your time even easier.

Your hiTask tasks and events will automatically appear in Google Calendar. Events you add to Google Calendar will show on your hiTask Calendar. No need to go back and forth between two calendars. All your tasks and events will show on both.
When you change tasks on your hiTask dashboard, your Google Tasks will be automatically updated. Changes you make in Google Calendar will appear in hiTask.

As always, hiTask continues to implement new features to bring you the best in task management systems.

Dec 01

Android app updated with new look…

Update of Android app has been released:

Oct 15

Many New Options for Notifications

Notifications preferences are a very personal thing. Some people want to receive a notification for everything. Some people never want to get a notification. Some people want notifications for comments, but not for item changes. Some want notification in email, and others want them on their mobile device.

Until recently, hiTask notifications have been very “one size fits all,” you either checked the box to have notifications sent, or you didn’t. Now we’re unveiling a new approach to notifications that allows to choose which notifications you do (or don’t) want to receive. You can also choose which notifications you want to receive through your app, and which you will receive through email.

To take advantage of the new notifications options, log into hiTask and go to your account settings. Click on the tab for “Notifications.” Now simply check the appropriate boxes to set up you personalized notification plan!

Oct 14

Manage recurring tasks more easily with improved Repeat option

hiTask has a new way to schedule repeat tasks. The new hiTask repeat feature is extremely flexible. You can set a task to repeat every three days, every other week, once a month, or almost any calendar period you can think of.

As always, create a repeating task. There is now a dropdown menu labeled “Repeat.” Open the dropdown menu and select an interval: daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. But now, a new dropdown menu will appear. This new dropdown menu allows you to modify how often the task repeats: for instance, if you chose daily intervals, you can now set your task to repeat every day, every 3 days, or even every 365 days. Weekly, monthly and yearly intervals have a similarly wide range of options. Finally, the last dropdown menu remains a calendar menu, that lets you set a date for the task to stop repeating on. By default, the task will stop repeating a year from the day it is set to start.

hiTask is committed to bringing you the best possible task management system. We will continue adding features to provide you with more options and improve your experience. Visit our support portal to request additional features.