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Jul 24

Website update 24 Jul 2013

Jul 23

Welcome to the new hiTask! New look and new features.

You will notice that hiTask has new look. 

It is not just a redesign it is much more than that. We put a lot of thought and research into it. We want to get of your way and let you focus on your tasks. Your tasks and your data comes to foreground.

Visually the new style is flat and calm, easier on the eyes even when you have to check on it a few times a day. And we have plans to bring you more different visual themes to choose from.

More news: Color-coded Projects


You can now set colors for projects. This is useful for grouping projects by their priority, context, client or any other attribute.

New: Complete tasks directly in calendar


Complete tasks with just one click in calendar. Easier than before.

New: Search in navigation bar


Search is now always visible in the navigation bar.

New: Search in Archive


Quickly find archived items! 


It’s faster!

You will notice that hiTask is not lot quicker and snappier than before. It loads faster and uses less memory on your computer.

More new stuff is coming!

We aways love to hear your feedback. Let us know what we should do next by voting on Support Forums.

Jul 17

Update 17 July 2013

Jul 16

Here’s another screenshot from upcoming new hiTask. Everything is new and fresh!

Here’s another screenshot from upcoming new hiTask. Everything is new and fresh!

Jul 02

hiTask Android app -

New version of Android app is released. Perfected synchronization!

Jun 21

Here’s preview of our upcoming brand new look!

Here’s preview of our upcoming brand new look!

Jun 13

Update of hiTask Android app is released! -

Jun 01

Now in Spanish, French, Russian!

We’re happy to to report that hiTask is now fully localized in Spanish, French and Russian languages.

You can set the language in your account Settings.

May 27

New! You can choose options for project report.

New! You can choose options for project report.

Feb 08

Synchronize hiTask with calendar on your computer or mobile

You can synchronize your hiTask with calendar apps on your desktop or mobile device! 

HiTask provides your calendar feed using industry-standard CalDav protocol. Among applications that support this protocol are Apple Calendar, iOS Calendar (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch),  Mozilla Thunderbird. MS Outlook does not support this directly but it may be possible using third party add-ons.

To Connect to hiTask calendar user this address: secure.hitask.com/calendar/<username> where <username> is your hiTask account user name. For example if your user name that you use to log in to HiTask is john, calendar address will be secure.hitask.com/calendar/john

You also required to enter your hiTask user name and password.

Instructions for Mac OSX Calendar

Instructions for iOS Calendar (iPhone, iPad)